Porsche Macan tyres

Porsche labels the new Macan as the only sports car in its market sector. It is Porsche’s second SUV, following in the footsteps of the ultra-successful Cayenne. The Macan is a little smaller, aimed at the compact SUV segment in which the Range Rover Evoque will be its main rival.

In design, Porsche has stressed that the car is meant to be a super-practical version of the 911 rather than just a diminutive version of the Cayenne. In common with its big brother, though, it is extraordinarily quick given its size. For a car that features four-wheel-drive and weighs two tonnes, it is remarkably sharp, poised and nimble. Air suspension is an optional extra, but even without it the Macan is supremely composed when cornering and particularly comfortable. The Macan is considered the best handling SUV, and the most appealing to drive, as well as being the quickest. By all accounts, it’s everything you’d expect from a Porsche SUV.

The performance packed by the Macan is shown in its manufacturer’s choice of original equipment tyres. All come with a speed rating of W or Y, qualified for use at speeds of up to 170 and 188 mph respectively. Sadly testing the car or its tyres at those speeds won’t usually be an option on the North Circular…

As with most Porsche models, it is tyres from premium brands which make up that original equipment supplier list. Interestingly, though, Hankook has gained its first approval for Porsche with this car, with its Ventus tyres factory fitted to many models. Standard wheel sizes are 18 and 19 inch, with Continental SportContact tyres, Michelin’s Latitude Sport range and Pirelli’s Scorpion Verde tyres the other factory-fitted options in these sizes.

For the larger wheels in 20 or 21 inch sizes, Pirelli’s P Zero range and Goodyear’s Eagle F1 Asymmetric tyres are also approved by Porsche for this car, as are the SportContact and Latitude Sport tyres mentioned above.

Since the Macan was launched only recently, the best advice we can give is the simplest advice we can give. It will invariably be best to replace a damaged or worn tyre with one of the very same make and type, while Porsche itself will strongly suggest doing so with matching ‘N’-numbers, too.

Hankook’s appointment as an original equipment supplier marks a milestone in its recent growth. The appearance of its tyres alongside those from some of the industry’s most famous names is no mean feat. Indeed it is symptomatic of the continued strength of Korean muscle in the motor industry.

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