Porsche Boxster tyres

An awful lot about the 1990’s was short-term rubbish, best forgotten or irrelevant twenty years on. The Porsche Boxster, though, is one of that decade’s best inventions. It continues to set standards rather than being judged by them. It may well be the ‘entry level’ and thus cheapest Porsche. However, it’s one of the best-handling cars any money can buy, with surprisingly low running costs too.

As with other Porsches, normal considerations for replacement tyres on run-of-the-mill cars don’t apply for the Boxster. Budget tyres are available in sizes to fit the Boxster. They sit on the wholesaler’s shelf, though, gathering dust.

Great handling, performance and balance are the key features of the Porsche range. Many well-known tyre brands manufacture Porsche-specific versions of sports tyres specifically to complement these qualities. Boxster owners regularly choose tyres from the likes of Michelin, Pirelli, Goodyear, Continental and Bridgestone from etyres. There is enormous reassurance in knowing that ‘N’-rated versions of these tyres are approved by Porsche for maximum performance and safety.

Fair enough, these tyres will never be the cheapest option. It seems a false economy, though, not to take advantage of either the huge amount of both research and development which goes into making them or indeed the benefits they offer.