Peugeot tyres

For some time, Peugeot has struggled in both its home and overseas markets. The company’s reputation in Britain was forged on the success of the 205 in the 1980’s. Peugeot’s factories turned these out as if shelling peas: total sales topped 5 million. Sales of that car’s replacement, the 206, reached the 8 million mark. In the form of the new 208, there may yet be a Peugeot to lift the brand from hard times, just as the 205 and 206 did.

French drivers have always bought cars from one of the country’s home teams. In the domestic market, Peugeot has always been considered a cut above the other two major Gallic makers yet its sales are falling. Elsewhere in Europe, it has suffered from nagging doubts about reliability and massive changes in the shape of the car business. The larger German brands are encroaching into the top of the small car market in which Peugeot traditionally prospered. At the same time, it seems that nothing can halt the relentless march of Korean cars from the bottom of that sector. Thus if Peugeot’s smaller cars as perceived as neither cheap nor aspirational, and their reliability is no longer cast in stone, then storm clouds are gathering in skies under which Peugeot always used to make hay. Slowly but surely, a bit like autumn leaves, Peugeot dealerships are falling by the wayside in the UK.

If all that sounds a little too gloomy, it ignores that fact that Peugeot cars remain popular with the young and the old in the UK. Efficient engines mean that small Peugeots are not expensive to run or insure, while the new version of the 508 is a much-improved contender in the executive saloon market. Additionally, Peugeot’s larger hatchbacks make popular family cars which combine loads of room with low fuel consumption: perfect for the school run, the supermarket car park and trips to the garden centre.

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