Peugeot 508 tyres

The Peugeot 508 has earned considerable praise in customer reviews and industry tests alike. This has challenged the decades-old prejudice that Peugeot’s magic touch with small cars has never really extended to the French firm’s larger models. Good looks, lots of room and high standards of safety, comfort and performance are features of the new 508. However, its trump card is its fantastic economy. Great fuel consumption figures make this Peugeot very popular as a both a family and company car and a challenger to is many German rivals.

The executive and family car markets are crowded and competitive yet lucrative to the company which gets its product and marketing right. Very similar rules apply to the marketplace for replacement tyres to fit these cars. There is a huge range of options for new tyres to fit this size and style of car. Every major manufacturer designs tyres aimed at meeting the needs of the countless cars and almost infinite number of drivers in this huge market segment.

Needless to say, the better-known brands dominate this marketplace. Thus Continental and Michelin, who both work closely with Peugeot’s development team, produce etyres’ best-selling replacement tyres for the 508. Continental’s PremiumContact tyres are the most popular choice, along with Michelin’s Primacy and Energy saver ranges. The best tyres to complement the 508 combine high levels of wet grip and fuel economy. This would explain the popularity of these three ranges. The individual characteristics of each can be clearly seen from their label.

Tyre labelling regulations also require the noise emission levels of each tyre to be clearly shown. Some tests have commented upon the level of wind noise associated with the Peugeot 508 at higher speeds. As such, these tyre noise levels should also be compared and considered when buying replacement tyres for this car. Pirelli, Bridgestone and Nexen tyres have also proved popular choices for the 508. Various ranges from each of these brands are available at different price points to suit each motorist’s driving style and budget.