Peugeot 5008 tyres

Most customer criticism of this car stems from the absolute rage induced by what can only be described as a sodding great imbecile of a sat-nav system. That, in itself, speaks volumes. If the source of most complaints is something so relatively minor then Peugeot must be doing something right. The car looks even better when compared to its predecessor. Peugeot’s 807 people-mover was mediocre, featuring all the aerodynamics of a brick but none of the solidity.

It should be no surprise that the 5008 looks vaguely familiar. It shares its chassis and many components with Citroen’s C4 Grand Picasso. That works in the 5008’s favour since it means an engine which is known to be both refined and economical. Additionally, a different suspension set-up means that the Peugeot offers better cornering and response than the Citroen. Practicality is guaranteed by a spacious and flexible seating arrangement and the car offers low running costs compared to many vehicles of a similar size. It’s comfortable on motorways and build quality is up to the demands of family life.

The 5008 is what it is, a seven-seater family workhorse. While it’s never going to be Lewis Hamilton’s choice of transport, it’s nonetheless by all accounts really good at what it does. For those who do need a car this size, the 5008 should tick many boxes.

As is par for the course for a Peugeot, it’s usually Michelin tyres which are factory-fitted to these cars. Most versions of the 5008 will feature tyres from Michelin’s Primacy range. Though these are built with an emphasis on longevity and comfort, it’s their high grip levels which make them most suitable for this car. The 5008 is, after all, a big and heavy vehicle, one on which roadholding and cornering ability are easily compromised by the wrong tyre. This isn’t an issue with the grippy qualities of these tyres. They translate into increased safety as well as increased comfort, both important considerations for a family car. On both wet and dry roads, Primacy tyres will ensure shorter stopping distances and better driver response than many other options.

Since the 5008 is still a young model, it’s naturally these Michelin Primacy tyres which are etyres’ best-selling option for this car. Other options to consider include Goodyear’s EfficientGrip range, whose name identifies their suitability for this car. Additionally, a Goodyear tyre should usually offer similar durability to a Michelin one. Neither will be the cheapest option but the usual advice to buy the best tyre you can afford applies. Additionally, Pirelli’s P7 Cinturato range is another that’s popular with 5008 owners: it, too, offers the grip which this car demands from its tyres.