Peugeot 308 tyres

The 308 was launched by Peugeot in 2007. The HDi model held a Guinness World Record as the most fuel-efficient mainstream car in production. It recorded an average of nearly 100mpg over 9,000 miles in a controlled long-range test. This was no mean feat for a standard and unmodified version of a car which doesn’t come at an uncompetitive price.

Over a million 308 models have left Peugeot’s factories in France, Russia and Argentina. The newest version of the 308 was voted European car of the Year on its launch in 2014.

The car is available as a hatchback or estate and with a wide variety of engine choices. Since it’s just about the most economical and efficient car in its class, it’s very popular with British motorists. And rightly so.

Michelin Energy Saver tyres are factory-fitted to most 308 models leaving the production line. Therefore these are a popular range of replacement tyres with etyres for this car. They offer grip and economy levels perfectly suited to the 308. Dunlop BluResponse and Continental SportContact tyres, both more sports-orientated ranges, are best-sellers for the higher-performance versions of this car. Interestingly, customer feedback has commented favourably on how well these versions of this car drive on larger wheels with low-profile tyres. For mass-market small cars, a low-profile tyre can often mean a compromise on customer comfort and ride quality.

Firestone, Falken and Nexen are three mid-market brands whose tyres will suit more everyday models in the 308 range. Hankook tyres are also worth considering as replacements for worn or damaged tyres on this Peugeot. These, too, don’t come at the higher price point of premium tyres.

Many owners of older 308 models will prefer to fit budget or economy tyres to their car: naturally etyres fits a wide range of these to suit every driving style and budget.