Peugeot 3008 tyres

If a blind person asked you to describe what a Peugeot 3008 looked like, you’d have your work cut out. It’d be the modern equivalent of describing a Moka Pot (a stove-top espresso maker), a task reputedly an occasional archaic feature of an Oxbridge college entry exam.

Not convinced? The 3008 is essentially a small crossover vehicle, but without the butch or macho styling common to most SUV models. It has MPV tendencies but lacks the height or bus-like aerodynamics you might therefore expect. It also has elements of both an estate car and a hatchback. Try making sense of that lot!

On that evidence, the car should be a mish-mash, something from Homer Simpson’s imagination, a jack of all trades and the master of none. Remarkably, it’s the opposite, with WhatCar? awarding it the title of Car of the Year when it was launched. Peugeot came late to this market sector, one popularised by the Nissan Qashqai. That might explain why it seemingly threw everything bar the proverbial kitchen sink into this model.

The car’s individual features might be easier to describe than the complete package. The 3008 is very much a family car, one that packs plenty of room for children, luggage, shopping or terriers. It’s based on the chassis of the 308. High ground clearance gives the car the trappings of SUV style without the weight, cost or social pariah status often associated it. It is reportedly a very comfortable car, with sharp steering and good roadholding in corners. It offers good value, being cheap to buy and run, and comes with petrol or diesel engines. The latter are the more common, continuing the popularity which Peugeot diesels have enjoyed for some time. A diesel-electric hybrid is also available, the first mass-produced engine of its type.

Michelin is a long-term strategic partner of Peugeot. Therefore Michelin tyres are factory-fitted to many models in Peugeot’s range and the 3008 is no exception. Most versions of this car are supplied with Michelin’s Primacy tyres. These are designed for comfort, economy and performance. Their supple yet rigid construction means even tyre wear and better durability than many other options. Needless to say, these tyres suit the 3008 perfectly. Even though they are by no means the cheapest replacement tyre option, they are by some way the best-selling one with etyres for this car. It’s worth mentioning that durability is their key feature in this instance: with its high ground clearance, the 3008 features larger wheels (17-inch and 18-inch) than many cars of a similar size. These wheels call for low-profile tyres, so the resilience and dependability of those tyres are critically important in terms of both safety and performance.

Continental’s SportContact tyres are another range to have original equipment status for this car. As above, what makes them most suitable in this case is their durability. They can also be relied upon for good grip in all weathers and excellent roadholding through bends.