Peugeot 207 tyres

Peugeot has always been known for its small hatchbacks. Its 207 followed in the sizeable footsteps of the popular 205 and 206 ranges as a best-selling and economical small car. A fiddly gearbox and handling that lacked verve or precision did nothing to harm the car’s commercial success. However, after six years it was replaced in 2012 by the newer 208. Nonetheless, it remains a good all-rounder and is now a particularly popular used car choice, being relatively cheap to buy and run.

Many 207 models were factory-fitted with Michelin or Continental tyres. Thus it’s no surprise that these two brands are the best-sellers with etyres for the 207. Michelin’s Energy Saver tyres combine great fuel economy ratings with all the durability and performance one would expect from a premium brand. Continental’s EcoContact range offers much the same benefits and is the most popular replacement tyre choice for this car. Bridgestone, Falken and Nexen tyres are also in demand for the 207. All of these come at a slightly lower price point, while Kumho tyres are also popular.

It’s worth considering the wet grip ratings of different replacement tyre options for the 207. A tyre with good grip performance will help compensate for any shortcomings in the car’s handling and cornering abilities. These may be accentuated on wet roads. Importantly, higher wet grip levels bring with them a range of safety benefits. Because the 207 has always returned good mpg figures, the fuel economy ratings of each replacement tyre are a less important consideration.

etyres supplies and fits a large range of budget and economy tyres, including many to fit the Peugeot 207. Our national sales team would be happy to offer help and advice to enable you to choose tyres to suit your vehicle, budget and driving style.