Nissan Qashqai tyres

The Qashqai was one of the first ‘Crossover’ models on the market. The name was given to cars which combine the elevated driving position and versatility of an SUV or 4×4 with the smaller size and lower running costs of a family hatchback. Essentially these cars are SUVs without the wellington boots or the bulk. The Qashqai is a practical and comfortable car and a great all-rounder with low running costs. It is equally suited to both the school run and motorway mileages.

Since the Qashqai was one of the first vehicles to define the Crossover class, it’s no surprise that it’s among the best-selling cars in that market segment.

The new Qashqai features a range of technology to improve stability. This includes a computer which applies the brakes to each wheel individually when cornering. Additionally, Active Ride Control provides a very smooth drive over uneven road surfaces. Some customer reviews of the first edition of Qashqai models (2007 to 2014) highlighted premature tyre wear problems. While it is too early to know if this is an issue for the new model, it’s certainly something to bear in mind when choosing tyres. etyres recommends that Qashqai drivers should choose a solid and durable replacement tyre instead of tyres engineered for high-performance vehicles or budget options. We’d also remind them that regularly checking tyre pressures will extend tyre life.

Small engines mean that the Qashqai is more economical to run than you might imagine. Many owners will consider this an important aspect when choosing replacement tyres, since a fuel-efficient tyre will aid the highest mpg possible. Wet grip levels of different replacement tyres are another important consideration, meaning increased safety and roadholding. Indeed these qualities of safety are particularly important for a Qashqai that is used as a family car.

The Continental PremiumContact is, by some considerable margin, etyres’ best-selling replacement tyre for the Qashqai. In most sizes it scores good ratings for both wet grip and fuel economy. As such, this tyre is the obvious starting point when considering which tyres to fit to a Qashqai. Michelin Primacy, Goodyear EfficientGrip and various Bridgestone tyres are also popular choices, with Nexen and Falken tyres also worth considering.