Nissan Note tyres

Frugal engines and plenty of interior room make the Nissan Note a practical and economical small car. ‘Stop-start’ technology is fitted to most engines in the range, helping the Note to achieve excellent fuel economy figures. In fairness, the Note may lack the performance of the Ford Fiesta or the specification of the VW Polo. However, reliability isn’t a problem and it’s a small car which offers a lot more space than many of its rivals.

The Note has already become a particularly popular choice for small families. Thus the wet grip levels of different replacement tyre choices will be a priority for many safety-conscious Note drivers. Wet grip translates into better roadholding and sharper braking in all conditions, with important benefits in terms of safety for those both inside and outside the car.

Additionally, many motorists have commented on the amount of wind noise associated with the Note, especially at higher speeds. A further comment has been that the diesel engines fitted to some models can be quite noisy, too.

As such, the noise emission levels of different replacement tyres are worth close consideration. A particularly noisy tyre will only add to the problem. A tyre’s rating for both wet grip and noise emissions can be clearly seen on its label, and on this website, as can the tyre’s fuel economy rating.

Falken tyres are factory-fitted to many Note models, which would explain why this is the best-selling brand of replacement tyre for the Note with etyres. Another popular choice is Continental’s PremiumContact range, designed for roadholding and stability. While these tyres are among the more expensive options, they have earned considerable praise in industry and consumer tests and suit this car well. For many Note drivers, their extra price is a long-term investment worth making.

Other options to consider include Dunlop, Nexen and Bridgestone tyres, whilst etyres also supplies and fits a range of budget and economy tyres suitable for the Note.