Nissan Micra tyres

The Nissan Micra has been around for thirty years now. While it has earned a reputation for durability and low running costs, it also lacks the style, punch or refinement of many newer superminis. Dowdy looks, slightly asthmatic engines and a rather low-rent interior are all common criticisms. However, all that said, it’s easy to drive, very reliable and an enduringly popular car which offers great value for money.

It’s fair to say that high-speed or high-mileage motoring isn’t really what the Micra is all about. Instead, it’s a car favoured by very new and more mature drivers, with many used for low annual mileages or indeed as a family’s second car. Great economy is the key feature of Micra ownership. As such, the main criteria for tyre selection will usually be the different wet grip properties of different replacement tyre options. This is to ensure driver and passenger safety in all weathers. Levels of wet grip capability are now clearly displayed on the labelling of all new tyres. This is a great help when considering which replacement tyre to have fitted to your car.

Etyres’ best-selling brand of replacement tyres for the Micra is Continental. The ContiEcoContact range is available in various sizes and is designed to offer outstanding grip and good economy to small and compact cars. Continental’s PremiumContact range is designed for optimum stability and roadholding. These tyres are another good choice in this instance. This is because the Micra does have a noticeable body roll in sharp corners and can lack the grip of other similarly-sized cars. Fitting these Continental ranges will give this car the support it needs to compensate for that.

Falken, Kumho, Firestone and Nexen tyres are all popular choices of replacement tyre for the Micra. These ‘mid-range’ options sell particularly well with etyres for these cars. It’s worth saying, though, that etyres fits replacement tyres to quite literally hundreds of Micras every year. Naturally many of these customer orders will be for the fitting of budget or economy tyres. Whatever your budget or driving style, etyres will have a tyre to suit and would be delighted to help.