Nissan Juke tyres

There’d be proverbial ‘elephant in the room’ qualities here if we failed to mention the Juke’s predominant feature, its looks. It wouldn’t be relevant to pass comment either way except to say that they probably make this the Marmite of cars. There’s always a boring know-all who grumbles about all cars looking the same these days – you know the type. They moan a lot and then never have anything useful to say when a car like this does appear on the market.

When the Juke was launched, the New York Times’ review headline read: “So far out, it might just be in.” Quite so. Nissan would have been delighted: the line is borrowed from classic teenage film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and its target market would have understood the reference.

Any marketing man will tell you that trying to make a product ‘cool’ is the holy grail. Since consumers can be so fickle, it’s something made harder by all the difficulty involved in trying to hit a moving target. The Juke is quite a small car, despite the proportions of its wheel arches, one intended not so much for use as a family car but aimed at younger drivers. As target markets go, it has drivers who’d usually aspire to a Mini firmly in its sights. Its funky ‘look at me’ design shares its cues with the similarly-sized Kia Soul, with elements of Dastardly & Muttley’s Mean Machine from the Wacky Races.

It’s a cheap car to run, with economical engines, and being a Nissan its reliability will be beyond any doubt. This, combined with its fashionable design, should underpin its success. Patriotic drivers will also be pleased to know that it’s made in Nissan’s Washington factory in the North of England.

An important issue of Juke ownership is that the tyre sizes used by Nissan can be quite unusual on some models. Therefore not every type of tyre is available in sizes to fit this car. It’s critically important to double-check your tyre size before replacing a worn or damaged tyre. With this in mind, it follows that the factory-fitted tyre ranges are the best-selling options with etyres. These include Continental’s PremiumContact tyres, a premium range from one of the best-known manufacturers. These combine safety and comfort and feature excellent durability, meaning that they suit the Juke well.

Bridgestone’s Turanza range is another to have original equipment status and is known for its all-round abilities. These tyres have excellent ratings for wet grip and give smooth and comfortable roadholding. Toyo and Yokohama tyres are two others to consider: both are factory-fitted by Nissan and have the added advantage of a competitive price point.