Mitsubishi L200 tyres

The L200 counts for one in every three of Mitsubishi’s sales in the UK. Most usually found in double-cab format, ie with four seats instead of two, it’s easy to see the appeal of these vehicles. As well as the practicality of the traditional pick-up truck, they can offer car-like passenger comfort and 4×4 ability. The L200 may be getting a little long in the tooth and won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. However, tough construction and function with style mean that it is Britain’s best-selling pick-up. It has led the charge of these vehicles from the building site into everyday use and the supermarket car park. Trying to park it when it gets there might be an interesting experience, mind you…

Integral to the L200’s success are three things. It has upmarket looks compared to many pick-ups and is comfortable enough to be used instead of a car. Critically, though, the taxman views it as a van or light commercial vehicle rather than a car. Therefore company buyers can reclaim the VAT on their purchase price and company car drivers are taxed on them at a flat rate, rather than at a proportion of that list price. This means a huge saving in terms of benefit in kind taxation compared to having a car as a company vehicle.

Imaginative and macho naming is part of the L200 package. Few other vehicles will ever be called Animal, Warrior or Barbarian! The latter, the top of the range, features specifications similar to those of most top-spec cars. Leather seats, air conditioning, a reversing camera, sat nav and a multimedia display all come as standard. Needless to say, this is a far cry from the utilitarian pick-ups of old.

High fuel consumption and rapid tyre wear are the two big drawbacks of L200 ownership. Due to the very design of these vehicles – big and heavy – these drawbacks are a necessary evil. Critical to tyre choice is durability: building sites and hard work mean that it needs the tyre equivalent of the steel toecap boot. Bridgestone’s Dueler tyres are fitted to the L200 at Mitsubishi’s factories. It’s therefore no surprise that these are etyres’ best-selling tyre for this vehicle. Robust construction is their key feature, with different options available to suit occasional or regular off-road use.

Similar qualities are found in the Grabber range from the General Tire Co, although these are a less common option. Most frequently ordered of these is the Grabber GT, built for 4×4 and SUV use but designed essentially for hard-wearing on-road driving only. Grabber AT tyres ensure enhanced traction and are designed for vehicles which spend 50% of their time on demanding off-road environments.

As you’d imagine, the L200 calls for huge tyres on rims larger than those of most cars. A lot of rubber is therefore used, meaning that new tyres can be quite a sizeable investment. Various budget and economy options are available, although not as many as for road-going cars, with the high load ratings demanded by these vehicles. These cheaper options mean that replacing a worn or damaged tyre on an L200 need not break the bank, whatever your budget.