Mini One tyres

The Mini One’s enduring popularity is testament to both its great looks and its good performance. It’s fair to say that its heritage and image play their part, too. Additionally, those old enough to know will tell you that its build quality knocks that of its eponymous ancestor into a cocked hat.

As with all modern Minis, the One offers accurate and well-weighted steering, with excellent cornering ability. Therefore a tyre which offers high levels of grip on wet and dry roads will complement the One perfectly. The right tyre will also complement the car’s high levels of driver safety.

There is a huge number of Mini One drivers on Britain’s roads, and the car is available with many different engine and wheel size specifications. Needless to say, etyres fits an enormous variety of different tyres to Mini One models nationally.

The obvious starting point when considering replacement tyres for your Mini One is to know whether run-flat tyres are fitted to your car. This is the case with many newer Mini vehicles, as indeed is common with almost all new BMW cars. The important thing is that a worn or damaged run-flat tyre should always be replaced by a similar run-flat, not a regular tyre. Run-flat tyres are designed to work with Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems. Since this technology is not fitted to older Mini models, these cars won’t require special run-flat tyres.

Continental’s PremiumContact tyres are a popular premium tyre choice for the Mini One. They are available in BMW-approved versions and also in run-flat formats. Dunlop Sport and Pirelli tyres, both factory-fitted to many One models, are also popular replacement choices. Again, these can be fitted in run-flat formats to suit newer Mini models. Michelin’s Energy Saver range, which is also available in BMW-approved fittings, is another suitable and popular option.

Nexen NBlue eco-tyres, which offer longevity and durability at a competitive price, are also worth considering for the Mini One.

For older models or to suit more cost-conscious drivers, a large number of suitable budget tyres are also available from etyres. These all come at competitive prices and include the convenience of mobile fitting.