Mini Countryman tyres

It’s easy to understand the appeal of the Countryman. It combines the much-loved retro style of the standard-sized Mini with an increased amount of room for growing families. Thus the car fills a gap in the market: if you need more space you no longer have to give up driving a Mini.

The car comes with a wide choice of engines to suit all comers. These include diesel and four-wheel-drive options. Therefore one of the most important factors influencing replacement tyre choice will be your driving style. A Countryman may be typically driven for high-speed performance, or optimum fuel economy, or indeed a combination of the two. In each scenario, different demands are made on the car’s tyres. Each replacement tyre available will have different grip, economy, longevity and price levels. The one you buy for fitting to your Mini should complement the car itself and how you drive, not compromise them.

Additionally, industry reviews and driver feedback have identified relatively high amounts of wind noise on the Countryman. It may therefore be worth comparing the relative road noise levels of different replacement tyres. Each tyre’s wet grip, fuel economy and noise emission ratings can be seen on both its label and this website.

Pirelli run-flat tyres are original equipment for most Mini Countryman models, and therefore Pirelli is etyres’ top-selling brand of replacement tyre for the Countryman. A particularly popular choice is the Cinturato run-flat. Continental‘s PremiumContact tyre is also very popular, available in Mini-approved fittings and run-flat versions. The run-flat format of Goodyear’s EfficientGrip tyre also sells well for this car. Additionally, Bridgestone’s Dueler Sport, a further tyre available as a run-flat, is worth considering for the 4×4 version of the Countryman.