Mercedes-Benz tyres

The premium sector of the tyre industry is much like the top end of the wider car industry. The name of a product maker’s is shown not just for identification but also as a brand in its own right. Customers evaluate these brands in terms of their reputation, purchase price and ownership cost. Their purchases are product-led and price-led. (Nobody with four children at foot buys a two-seater car and nobody with holes in his shoes buys a Ferrari.) Yet the brand underlying the product plays a significant role in that buying process. There’s no better example of this than Mercedes-Benz.

In many ways, it is the inherent promises given by the name on a Mercedes-Benz car, rather than any particular feature of the car itself, which makes people decide to buy one. Admittedly not every car manufacturer can claim the very inventor of the car as part of its heritage, which certainly doesn’t do the brand’s reputation any harm. However, buying one of its cars is as much an emotional as a rational decision. The company’s record of producing reliable and comfortable luxury cars means that when buying one, you are getting more than just a premium car. Rather, you are also getting the reassurance of a statistically lower chance of it breaking down, going out of style or failing to hold its value. Subliminally, that reduction of the risk of something bad happening is a critically important influence on buyer behaviour.

The same rules apply for tyres. Tyres from the best-known makers command a premium in price: a Continental always costs more than one from a cut-price unknown brand. The difference is down to the product’s brand as well as its features and attributes. Inherent within the process of buying the Continental tyre instead of the cheap’un, though, is the reduction of risk, the inherent promise that it is the better product of the two and the less likely to fail.

Mercedes-Benz, a premium car maker, works closely with various leading tyre manufacturers. Lots of mutual research and development goes into making Mercedes-Benz-approved tyres. These won’t be the cheapest on the rack. However, Mercedes-Benz will tell you that these ‘MO’ (‘Mercedes Original’) tyres are designed to match the dynamics of the car, working in harmony with the suspension and mechanical systems to provide the perfect drive. There’s also an important safety aspect, though, a reduction of risk, with the tyre being the only point of contact between the car and the road. Choosing an MO tyre doesn’t just help you get the best from the car, it also reduces the risk of you buying a tyre that won’t be up to scratch or will let you down.

Does etyres recommend these tyres? Very much so. Are these MO stamps an accountant’s or marketing man’s trick? No, not least because of the sheer cost of the research and the need to make sure that the tyres themselves are not prohibitively expensive to buy.

etyres supplies and fits a huge range of tyres to suit every kind of Mercedes-Benz and to match every motorist’s driving style and budget. Details of our best-selling and recommended tyres for popular Mercedes-Benz models can be found from the menu to the left of this page. Alternatively, you can find tyres to fit your car by entering its tyre size into the search tool above. Our national sales team is also available seven days a week on 0800 028 9000. We would be delighted to offer impartial advice to help you find the right tyres for your Mercedes-Benz.