Mercedes-Benz S-Class tyres

The S-Class is regarded by many as the world’s best luxury car. Indeed, it may well be the world’s best car, full stop. It’s certainly one of the most advanced cars, if not the most advanced car, on the market. A frankly massive amount of technology optimises both safety and performance. Those lucky enough to drive – or, more’s the point, be driven in – the S-Class know that in terms of both quality and comfort it has no peer.

The S-Class is the largest car in the Mercedes-Benz range, designed with a fantastic interior and offering huge amounts of driver and passenger space. Surprisingly, given its size and raison d’etre, the S-Class can boast remarkable levels of performance while remaining calm and composed at all times. Its technology also means that it is enormously efficient, with better fuel economy figures than many cars half its size.

Everything about this car is silky-smooth, including its appearance. True, it may cost as much as many houses, but for Captains of Industry or G8 summit leaders, that’s only a small concern.

A Mercedes-Benz S-Class will never be a common car and thus etyres’ sales figures for this model are not extensive. However, Bridgestone is one of the tyre manufacturers to be awarded ‘official equipment’ status for this car by Mercedes-Benz. As such, Bridgestone’s Potenza range is one of the best-selling replacement tyres for the S-Class, especially in sizes to fit 19-inch wheels. Continental tyres are another popular choice, with the SportContact range another that’s available in a Mercedes-approved (‘MO’) version. These will complement the S-Class’s performance and economy perfectly, as will Michelin’s Pilot Sport tyres. Worrying about a few extra Pounds saved here or there would not, by and large, be a high priority for S-Class owners. However, both Falken and Kumho produce tyres which will suit this car and cost slightly less than those from premium brands.