Mercedes-Benz E-Class tyres

For two decades, what the E-Class does well, it has done better than just about any other car. There are reasons why this is the default option of the taxi driver or professional chauffeur, just as long as he can afford to buy one.

Put simply, it’s a reliable, large and spacious car which isn’t about sporty looks or on-the-limit cornering. Rather, supreme comfort is its strong suit. It is engineered for doing the job safely, quietly and without any fuss. Long-distance and motorway journeys are the car’s bread and butter, its reason for existence. Nobody ever got out of an E-Class with their brow, suit or demeanour crumpled through any fault of the car.

The E-Class range comprises saloon, coupe, convertible and estate formats, with a huge range of engine specifications ranging from the wild to the mild. Diesel engines make a perfect match for the E-Class, though, with just 10% of new E-Class models having petrol engines. Modern diesel efficiency and Swiss army knife levels of engineering mean that the E-Class is one of the most popular company cars in Britain. At the same time, the sheer space offered by estate models makes them a firm favourite as a family car, too.

Even though it might not feel like it to drive, there’s no getting away from the fact that the E-Class is a big and heavy car. Rear-wheel drive means that it can be enormously demanding on the tyres fitted to its rear axle. As such, etyres’ advice to always buy the best tyre you can afford is particularly relevant with this car. Put simply, a cheaper tyre usually won’t be as durable as a more expensive option and will invariably prove to be a false economy. With an E-Class in particular, it’s very important to extend tyre life by regularly checking their pressure, especially those at the rear. Many E-Class drivers fail to make this basic check and are left wondering why they are experiencing premature tyre wear.

There may be plenty of things to confuse the unwitting or the unwary in the motor business. However, the best bet for an E-Class will usually be a tyre from a premium maker which comes with good ratings for both wet grip and fuel economy. If maintained properly, any such tyre will usually offer the durability this car needs, even if that isn’t implicitly shown on the tyre’s label.

As you might expect, etyres’ best-selling tyres for the E-Class come in Mercedes-specific (‘MO’) versions from the major manufacturers. Among these, Continental tyres take the highest rank but there are many available, including those from Bridgestone, Dunlop, Goodyear, Michelin and Pirelli.

An important consideration in choosing between them will be your own driving style and mileage. Naturally the E-Class demands a tyre with high wet grip ratings. The safety implied by these will be an important concern for family car drivers. Fuel economy is an important feature for many E-Class drivers, too, especially those who do cover large mileages. Comparing the wet grip and economy ratings shown on each tyre’s label will help you find the right one for your E-Class.