Mercedes-Benz Sprinter tyres

Each Sprinter rolls off the production line with tyres from any one of a long list of original equipment ranges. Naturally these tyres are usually very different from those fitted to passenger cars, not least because of the increased loads they are expected to carry. Each van has a set payload limit which cannot be exceeded by law and which is reflected in the load ratings of its tyres. Naturally a lower load rating restricts the ability of the tyres – and consequently the van – to carry weight.

These load ratings are the most important factor when buying replacement tyres for a vehicle like the Sprinter. The higher a tyre’s load rating, the stronger its sidewall construction and – usually – the more expensive the tyre. It is sometimes tempting to save a few quid here or there by replacing a worn or damaged tyre with one bearing a lower load rating. However, the consequences of doing so range from false economy to downright dangerous and indeed this practice can even be illegal. Thus a new tyre should always have the same – or even a higher – load rating as the one being replaced.

Continental ranges are common factory-fitted tyres across the Mercedes-Benz vehicle range, and the Sprinter is no exception. The company’s Vanco tyres, available in four different formats, are also etyres’ best-selling ranges where Sprinter owners are concerned. The standard Vanco tyre has been one of the best-selling commercial vehicle tyres ever. It is designed to provide both optimum safety and car-like handling on wet and dry roads alike. The VancoEco tyre, as its name suggests, offers increased fuel economy, too. This is due to a design which maintains tread compounds even as the tyre begins to wear. Four-season and winter versions of this tyre are also available. These are slightly more expensive than the standard Vanco tyre. Additionally, their ratings for fuel economy are not as competitive. However, in terms of safety when it is cold and their ability to keep business moving whatever the weather, those are often costs worth paying for hard-working vans.

Other tyre lines with original equipment status for the Sprinter include Pirelli’s Chrono range, Michelin Agilis tyres and Goodyear’s Cargo range. Goodyear pioneered its Vector range of all-season tyres for use on passenger cars in both winter and summer and recently expanded the Cargo range to include a Vector all-season version. Since so many vans are expected to deliver no matter what the weather is like, these have proved particularly popular. Maxxis and Kumho tyres complete the list of tyres factory-fitted to the Sprinter.

Naturally etyres also supplies an extensive number of budget and economy tyres with sizes and load ratings to suit the Sprinter. When comparing these, it’s important to remember that each tyre’s price includes the convenience of mobile fitting at a time and place to suit the customer. As a Sprinter driver, you’ll be only too familiar with having to be at a particular place at a set time. Wouldn’t it be easier if someone came to you for a change?