Mercedes-Benz SLK tyres

Stylish design and year-round usability are the key features of the SLK. It’s a simple enough formula, one which has translated into sales success since 1996. The total is greater than the sum of the parts, though. What makes this such a popular car is something more: its ability to put a smile on its driver’s face.

The SLK may be built for comfort, rather than having the verve of a true sports car, but it is remarkably fun to drive nonetheless. Its owners know that this car is a brilliant roadster in the summer but a well-isolated and comfortable coupe in the winter. It features all the reliability you’d expect from a Mercedes-Benz whilst offering surprisingly good mpg figures. Like many sports cars from Mercedes-Benz, the SLK has staggered wheels, ie the rear wheels are wider than those at the front. As such, a space saver tyre is supplied for emergency use, rather than a full-size spare.

Economy isn’t the reason why people love the SLK, something which spills over into replacement tyre choice. This tends to be a car which covers low annual mileages and thus grip should be a more important issue when replacing a worn or damaged tyre. A tyre with a high wet grip rating promises increased safety in terms of braking and roadholding as well as better performance. It’s no surprise that the best-selling tyres for these cars all offer excellent ratings for wet grip.

However, SLK drivers should also consider tyre durability. In common with many Mercedes-Benz models, these cars wear their tyres notoriously quickly if driven hard. While relative durability isn’t shown on a tyre’s label, the best advice is that premium tyres from better-known brands will usually be the best bet. Many suitable tyres from these bigger brands come in Mercedes-approved versions which carry an ‘MO’ marking.

Additionally, the different noise emission levels of each replacement option should be taken into account. Ratings for these are shown on both each tyre’s label and this website. An unnecessarily noisy tyre won’t be much fun for top-down summer motoring, especially in an urban environment.

Personal preference and budget will play a big part in choosing between the many replacement tyres which will fit the SLK. At the top of the tree are the more expensive sports-orientated tyres, built for high-performance cars. Of these, Michelin’s Pilot Sport range consistently earns good reviews. Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric tyres are also worth considering if your driving style is sportier than the average.

Pirelli’s P Zero range is designed with a similar emphasis on sporty driving and increased grip and handling. These are available in ‘MO’ versions and are among etyres’ best-sellers for this car. Toyo’s Proxes range includes a wide selection of sports-orientated tyres and these are worth considering, too.

Etyres’ best-selling tyres for the SLK are Continental’s PremiumContact and SportContact ranges, though. These are available in ‘MO’ fittings and continue to be fitted to many SLK models in Mercedes-Benz factories. Both are very durable tyres with excellent grip levels and suit this car well. They are a good investment even though they won’t be the cheapest option. Other original equipment tyres include Michelin’s Primacy range, which are solid all-rounders, and Bridgestone Turanza tyres. Dunlop’s Sport series tyres have been factory-fitted to SLK models since the car was launched and remain a particularly popular choice.