Mercedes-Benz CLS tyres

When it was launched in 2004, Mercedes-Benz claimed that the CLS marked the invention of a new market sector. The car combined the sweeping looks of a two-door coupe with the practicality of a large four-door saloon. It did so with a luxurious interior and all the build quality and reliability for which the marque is known. Small wonder, then, that by the time the car was relaunched in 2010, Audi and BMW had brought their own equivalents of the CLS to the marketplace.

Above all, the CLS is a fantastically good-looking car. This makes objective review of it rather pointless since it remains a car bought, by those who can afford one, as much for its looks as for any other reason. It is based on the E-Class, substantially larger than the C-Class despite its name. It was designed with a huge emphasis on both safety and performance, which goes some way towards explaining quite how much new models cost both in 2004 and now. With a diesel engine, the CLS is remarkably frugal and offers the mpg of a much smaller car. The car’s popularity – and desirability – are beyond any question. It’s simply one of the best cars there is, one which comes with an enormous wow factor.

There are four important aspects to replacement tyre choice for the CLS. The first of these is that the car is notoriously demanding of its rear tyres if driven aggressively and pushed hard: these can wear surprisingly quickly. The second is that naturally these tyres are large and wide and will therefore be expensive. Thirdly, Mercedes-Benz works with effectively all the major tyre producers to choose original equipment and approved tyres, so there’s a huge amount of choice. Finally, it’s critical to choose a hard-wearing and durable tyre with plenty of grip for this car, since its performance levels are so high.

Etyres’ list of best-selling tyres for the CLS includes many ‘MO’-marked, ie Mercedes-Benz-approved, versions of premium tyres. These include Continental SportContact tyres, Pirelli’s P Zero range and Bridgestone Potenza tyres. All come from the top end of the marketplace and offer the durability and grip this car demands. Goodyear’s Eagle F1 Asymmetrical tyres are designed for high-performance use and have proved a popular choice of CLS drivers, as has Michelin’s similar Pilot Sport range. Yokohama Advan tyres are another type often fitted to this car in Mercedes-Benz’s factories and are a popular replacement choice. Various Hankook, Nexen and Falken tyres also sell well, even if lacking the original equipment status, while Michelin’s Primacy is more of an all-rounder than a sports tyre but has nonetheless ticked the box for many CLS drivers.

In short, there are plenty of tyres on the market which will suit this car. Grip is an all-important aspect of replacement tyre choice, with a high wet grip rating translating into superior performance as well as having important safety benefits. For a CLS which covers a higher mileage, a tyre with a good fuel efficiency rating will be a priority. This car makes a supreme motorway cruiser and the right tyre choice will enable it to continue to return excellent mpg figures relative to its size.