Mercedes-Benz CLK tyres

The CLK was replaced by a series of E-Class models back in 2010. Even today, though, it still looks the part, something which has underpinned its value as a used car for some time.

The original CLK was based on the chassis of the C-Class of the time, even though it featured a lot of technology from the larger (and more expensive) E-Class. A new generation of the car was introduced in 2002, in both cabriolet and two-door coupe versions. These featured a radical new design with a sleeker shape and pillarless doors.

It is this version which remains so popular today, a good-looking car built for long-distance comfort. Those who have them seem to love them, with well-maintained models enduringly popular as a used car purchase.

The CLK’s looks are its main feature, stylish in a rather understated way. However, driver safety is ensured by a range of technology and traction aids and the CLK remains a car which offers wonderful comfort on long journeys. Mechanical reliability is still better than that of most cars, even if this might not have the bulletproof build quality of other Mercedes-Benz models of a similar vintage. Most owners will be happy to overlook the occasional niggle, though: after all, this is a car bought primarily for its appearance rather than for any other feature. However, it still packs an enormous punch performance-wise and cruises almost effortlessly at speed. The right tyre choice will complement these qualities.

With production of the CLK effectively ceasing back in 2010, which tyres were originally fitted to the car will now be a minor consideration for its owners. Additionally, replacement tyre choice will also involve rather more thought about the costs of different options than would have been the case when the car was newer. On the other hand, though, the car remains one capable of excellent performance. Therefore owners won’t just aim for the cheapest tyre they can find, a common course of action where less prestigious cars of a similar vintage are concerned.

Continental’s PremiumContact and SportContact tyres have always been the most popular choices of CLK drivers with etyres. Both ranges are available in Mercedes-approved ‘MO’ fittings, underpinning this popularity. Durability is an important issue when it comes to replacement tyres for the CLK, something which won’t be lacking in these Continental tyres. Back in the day, these were the tyres originally fitted to many CLK models so they suit this car well.

A large number of different options exist, though. Michelin Pilot Sport tyres last well and have sold well for the CLK, being designed for high performance cars. They aren’t the cheapest option by any stretch of the imagination but they’ll suit drivers with a heavy right foot! Pirelli’s P Zero and Cinturato ranges are equally popular and these, too, are designed for sports cars and available in Mercedes-approved versions. Bridgestone’s Potenza range is also worth considering, being a more ‘all round’ performer for day-to-day use and available in ‘MO’-marked formats.

At a lower price point, Falken and Nexen tyres will be an attractive option for many CLK drivers. Cutting costs does not have to mean cutting corners and both of these will offer all-round qualities of roadholding and grip with good enough fuel efficiency, too. For CLK models which cover a lower annual mileage, these tyres can be a good value option. In contrast, budget and economy tyres usually won’t give have the durability or grip demanded by the CLK and will often represent a false economy.