Mercedes-Benz B-Class tyres

The B-Class is a genuinely practical option for those who need more room than a standard hatchback offers but don’t buy into the fashion for four-wheel-drive or an SUV. Plenty of people fall into that bracket and the B-Class, a mini-MPV, is a more prestigious option than the likes of the Ford C-Max or Citroen Picasso. Being a Mercedes-Benz, it costs more than its rivals, but offers excellent interior design and comfort, wrapped up with a bit more perceived quality than other MPVs on the market.

It may be prestigious but you could never accuse a B-Class of being swanky or ostentatious. Its diesel engines are extremely well-regarded for both economy and performance. These, together with very high safety specifications, mean that this is much sought after as a family car. While the ride quality isn’t brilliant, and the B-Class isn’t enormously fun to drive, these will be issues which family drivers will be able to overlook. For them, the practicality, safety and reliability which the B-Class delivers in spades are its key features.

Bumpy or jittery ride qualities are reported to be a feature of B-Class driving but tend to be limited to the ‘Sport’ editions. These come with 18-inch alloy wheels and low-profile tyres. Since these wheels are designed for fashion rather than utility, the family car drivers who underpin demand for the B-Class won’t typically be buying these models anyway. Interestingly, the taxman’s regulations on vehicle CO2 emissions make the B-Class a sensible choice of company car, too.

It’s worth noting that most of the newer Sport models come fitted with run-flat tyres. These are still relatively rare on Mercedes-Benz cars but are slowly being introduced across the range. All other versions of the B-Class come with regular tyres. Since these tyre types should not be mixed and matched, it’s important to know which are fitted to your car.

Goodyear’s EfficientGrip range is the most common type of run-flat tyre fitted to these Sport models. It’s therefore no surprise that these are the most popular choice of run-flat tyre for the B-Class with etyres’ customers. We’d always recommend replacing a worn or damaged tyre on a like-for-like basis, especially on a newer car. When that factory-fitted tyre is as suitable for the car as these ones are, replacement tyre choice is made very easy indeed. These tyres come with all the durability you’d expect from Goodyear and – as their name suggests – offer excellent standards of grip.

Etyres’ best-selling tyres for the B-Class come from Continental, mirroring this brand’s status as original equipment for many new B-Class models. The EcoContact range is popular for its balance of comfort and fuel efficiency. However, SportContact and PremiumContact tyres top the list.

All three of these ranges are available in Mercedes-approved formats, identifiable by their ‘MO’ marking. Good build quality, meaning a long tyre life, are common to all three. When choosing between them, your own driving style and annual mileage should be important considerations. Additionally, of course many drivers will replace a worn or damaged tyre on a ‘like for like’ basis to match the other ones fitted to the car.

Other factory-fitted options include Kumho Ecsta tyres and Bridgestone’s Potenza range. Naturally both will make excellent replacement tyre choices for the B-Class.