Mazda RX-8 tyres

The Mazda RX-8 is unusual in many ways. Effectively a coupe, it has an ingenious design which means four doors instead of the usual two and loads of room in the rear seats. Without being expensive to buy, it’s reportedly fantastic to drive. Space-age backwards-opening rear doors are just one of the reasons why it’s very different to many of its rivals in appearance. It’s a good-looking car: if it were parked outside your house, your neighbours would cast envious glances instead of complaining about an eyesore. Unique among modern cars, it features a rotary engine. In layman’s terms, this has something akin to a giant version of a child’s Spirograph toy inside (below), instead of the usual pistons and cylinders.

The downsides? These rotary engines use a lot of oil, much more than a regular engine does. More importantly, the RX-8 returns a notoriously terrible mpg even though the engines are small.

It’s therefore really important to choose the right replacement tyres for the RX-8. It calls for a tyre which offers a balance of both performance and economy. This is to support the car’s great handling and balance, whilst negating the high fuel consumption, as much as possible. Fitting a purely performance tyre will reduce the already tricky miles per gallon figure. However, tyre designed entirely for better fuel consumption would easily blunt this car’s best feature, its nimble driving performance.

Production of the RX-8 ceased in 2010, but many models left the factory fitted with Bridgestone tyres. Thus it’s no surprise that Bridgestone is the best-selling brand of replacement tyres for the RX-8 with etyres. The Potenza range in particular provides excellent levels of grip to complement the RX-8. It does so without returning poor ratings for fuel economy. Continental’s SportContact range is another popular option for this car, offering similar characteristics.

Towards the middle-range, Toyo and Falken tyres are other suitable options at a slightly lower price point. These can balance performance and fuel economy perfectly, too. etyres also stocks a range of budget and economy tyres. Many of these will be just the thing for RX-8 drivers who find themselves a little hard up after shelling out for all that oil and petrol…