Mazda MX-5 tyres

A light body and rear-wheel-drive give the two-seater Mazda MX-5 great balance and make it enormous fun to drive. These are just two of the reasons for its enduring appeal since its launch back in 1989. It’s also relatively cheap to own and run. Indeed, great levels of handling and driving feel at an inexpensive price are what this car is all about.

Total MX-5 sales worldwide are approaching the one million mark. Despite our weather, over half of all new MX-5 models imported into Europe are sold to Great Britain. As you’d expect from a Japanese car, reliability is not a problem with these cars. All in all, the MX-5 is a great little car for inexpensive and fun top-down summer driving.

Many recent MX-5 models left the factory fitted with Yokohama or Toyo tyres. Among etyres customers, Toyo’s Proxes range is the most popular replacement tyre choice for the MX-5. This tyre is designed for sports cars, providing excellent handling, grip and stability. It is also features a directional tread pattern, making it a good match for the MX-5 in terms of both technology and appearance.

Falken and Bridgestone tyres are also a popular choice for the MX-5, ahead of those from Kumho and Nexen. Continental’s PremiumContact and SportContact tyres also suit the MX-5 and are worth considering as a premium brand alternative.