Mazda6 tyres

Low levels of both Carbon Dioxide emissions and fuel consumption are key features of the new Mazda6. They make the car affordable to run and increasingly popular with company fleet managers. It’s also a solid family car choice, particularly the estate version. All come with well-regarded and economical petrol and diesel engines, with the Mazda6 known for surprisingly sporty handling and grip.

It’s important to note that few Mazda6 cars are supplied with a spare wheel. In common with most new cars from the Japanese manufacturer, a tyre repair kit is provided instead. The benefits of this are that the car carries less weight and uses less fuel. However, in practical terms a puncture or other minor damage can only be repaired on a temporary basis at the roadside. Additionally, tyre repair kits cannot repair severe tyre damage.

Industry reviews and driver feedback have both remarked upon the firmness of the ride in the Mazda6. Even with the standard 17-inch size wheels, the ride can quite hard. This will be even more noticeable on the top-spec Sport Nav model, which features low-profile tyres on 19-inch wheels. As such, Mazda6 owners should bear this firmness in mind when choosing a replacement tyre. It is also recommended that they check their tyre pressures regularly, as if these are too high or two low then the car’s ride quality will be affected.

Another minor criticism of the Mazda6 has been the amount of wind noise the car produces at high speeds. This has been noted with estate models in particular and is an issue which can be exacerbated by noisy tyres. The noise emission labelling of different tyres should therefore be an important factor when choosing replacement tyres.

Bridgestone is the best-selling tyre choice for this car with etyres customers. Both the Turanza and Potenza ranges suit this car. Dunlop BluResponse and Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance are two other tyres which are a popular option for the Mazda6. Various Continental and Nexen ranges are also suitable and worth considering. etyres also supplies and fits a range of budget tyres for cost-conscious motorists, including many to suit this car.