Mazda3 tyres

The Mazda3 was introduced back in 2004, replacing the 323. Sales of the first generation of the car were solid rather than spectacular, with feedback for the second version, launched in 2010, being much more positive. This car was based on the chassis of the Focus as part of Mazda’s partnership with Ford. In recent years one in every three new Mazda models sold worldwide has been a Mazda3. This has come against a backdrop of a falling market share for Mazda and all kinds of problems for Japanese manufacturers on both domestic and international markets. In short, the car has been the one which has almost single-handedly kept the company in business.

The good news for Mazda is that the new version of the Mazda3, launched in 2014, is regarded as an even better car. First and foremost it’s good-looking, and it’s also very aggressively priced against the likes of the Ford Focus and VW Golf. It’s also reported to be fun to drive and reliability shouldn’t be a problem, either. In short, while Mazda has a lot riding on the success of this model, it shouldn’t let them – or its buyers – down.

Naturally most Mazda3 models on Britain’s roads will be from the second generation of the car, rather than the new version. Consistent across both types, though, is that Toyo Proxes tyres are usually fitted to them in Mazda’s factories. Indeed Toyo tyres have been original equipment for much of the Mazda range for some time now.

With three petrol engine options and one diesel one, the Mazda3 will appeal to a large cross-section of buyers. The frugal 1.5-litre petrol engine will be popular with those whose annual mileages are relatively low. In contrast, a 2.2-litre diesel produces large amounts of torque and will make the car particularly suited to motorway use. Your own individual driving style and the specification of your Mazda will be important factors in replacement tyre choice.

For many Mazda3 drivers, replacing a worn or damaged tyre with a similar Toyo Proxes one will be the best way forward. The added advantage to this is that these tyres are usually available at a competitive price. All this makes the Proxes range etyres’ best-selling tyres for the Mazda3. Other popular options are Continental PremiumContact tyres and Goodyear’s Eagle F1 Asymmetric range. The former is a premium tyre, designed to combine safety, grip and economy and particularly suitable for many cars of this size. In contrast, the Goodyear Eagle F1 range is built specifically for high-performance cars. For the Mazda3 range, these tyres will complement the sporty 2.3-litre MPS model but won’t be needed on the others in the range.

More middle-of-the-road options include Kumho’s Solus and Ecsta ranges and Falken’s Ziex tyres. These are all available at competitive prices and will suit the Mazda3 perfectly.