Mazda2 tyres

The Mazda2, known overseas as the Demios, was originally launched in 2003 as a bus-like small MPV. It was functional and utilitarian but hardly very stylish, a far cry from the second and third generations of this car which would follow. In 2007 it underwent a metamorphosis into a model which was much sleeker and sportier in both looks and performance. It offered usability but without that coming with all the dreariness of its predecessor. Fuel economy and build quality were key features, along with good handling and a fun drive. These qualities are not lost in the newest version of the Mazda2, a car which has now been moved upmarket and slightly scaled-up. It’s certainly a very original-looking car, something which certainly can’t be said for all its rivals in the crowded supermini marketplace.

For some time Mazda has worked in partnership with fellow Japanese company Toyo to develop tyres across the Mazda range. Toyo’s Proxes tyres are therefore factory-fitted to many Mazda vehicles, including this one. They are noted for their responsiveness and grip in all weathers, meaning that they make a perfect match for the balance and performance of newer (ie post-2007) Mazda2 models. They are also known for their durability and for coming at a lower price point than many premium-brand tyres. With newer cars, the obvious starting point when replacing a worn or damaged tyre is to do so on a ‘like for like basis’. This is something which is very much recommended in this case, with Toyo Proxes tyres being etyres’ best-selling tyre for the Mazda2 by some margin.

If there’s one criticism of Toyo’s Proxes range from customer feedback, it is that these tyres can be a little noisier than others on the Mazda2. For many, that’s a drawback which they can live with on a day-to-day basis. However, if you do need to consider a substitute then it may help to know that Avon ZV3 and ZV5 tyres and the Bridgestone Potenza range come next on the list of best-selling tyres for this car. All three are proven ‘all round’ performers with an emphasis on a slightly sportier driving style.

Brand new Mazda2 models will appeal to a wide variety of drivers. It makes a sensible choice as a family car yet has the styling and performance to make it worth considering as a sporty small car, too. Therefore a careful consideration of your own driving style and mileage will be an important factor in replacement tyre choice, allowing you to find a balance between grip and economy.