Lexus RX tyres

One of the reasons for the continued popularity of the RX is its seemingly bulletproof reliability. It’s also spacious and refined: wind and engine noise are almost non-existent, in common with much of the Lexus range. Another strong suit is comfort, with the RX almost car-like to drive despite its size. By definition, it will never win an award for sporty performance, but it will never win the wooden spoon, either.

There are many vehicles in the crowded SUV market but what sets the RX apart is its hybrid technology. Petrol engines have been a feature of the RX range since its launch in 1998, yet it is now only available new in petrol hybrid format. This means that the modern RX produces incredibly low levels of Carbon Dioxide emissions, something reflected in road tax rates and hugely beneficial for company car drivers. Unlike its rivals, Lexus continues to shun diesel power for this car. Its engine is a 3.5-litre petrol one, which comes with two electric motors. One of these is for driving at low speeds (although range on electric power is very limited) and the other charges the battery.

The RX has no real claims to off-road excellence. Instead, it is better thought of as a large estate car with extended ground clearance. Thus there is not much demand with etyres for specialist off-road tyres as far as RX owners are concerned. What it does call for is a durable tyre, one which will also support its weight effectively when cornering, braking and accelerating. Thus the focus of RX drivers when buying new tyres will usually be on two things: options from the better-known brands and tyres with good wet grip capabilities.

Bridgestone tyres have been a popular original equipment tyre choice, fitted at Lexus’ factories to new RX models, for some time. For a long time, Lexus has recommended the Potenza RE031, a tyre developed with Bridgestone exclusively for the RX. This range is one of etyres’ two best-selling lines for this car. The other is also from Bridgestone, its Dueler tyres. This range is specifically designed for SUV use and comes in various versions to suit exclusively on-road or occasional off-road driving.

Other options to consider include Continental’s SportContact range. These tyres are designed for use on both high-performance cars and sportier SUVs. They are by no means the cheapest option, but for a more demanding RX driver they usually represent an investment worth making.