Lexus LS tyres

The LS is a big car in terms of both size and substance. Over five metres long, it’s the model that launched Lexus in 1989. Five generations on, it is still being made today, with all the qualities of engineering and luxury which underpinned its initial success. It is built for getting from A to B in as much comfort as possible. Yet sober looks conceal the fact that in terms of performance, the LS is more than a match for most other cars on Britain’s roads.

The LS features a huge number of driver aids and a massive amount of technology to increase both performance and safety. In terms of interior quality, it really is a drawing room on wheels. Yet none of this comes cheaply: even the basic new LS costs £72,000… That buys the LS460, fitted with a 4.6 litre V8 petrol engine which will take it to 60mph in six seconds. Since the engine is so large, don’t even ask about the mpg…

In theory, the petrol hybrid engine of the LS600h L would make more sense in terms of economy. However, the car weighs in excess of two tonnes even without the battery pack and the hybrid’s open-road fuel consumption isn’t a huge amount better than that of the petrol version. And the basic list price of this car is £99,000. The bottom line is that you’d need to drive it almost to the moon and back before the extra £27,000 paid for itself in fuel savings.

Newer, greener, cheaper and/or more socially acceptable cars may have the measure of the LS as it approaches its middle age. It’s certainly a rarer sight than, say, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class or the Audi A8. And yet, viewed in isolation, it is still a wonderful vehicle in its own right.

The new LS is built for the Chairman while old ones suit the local taxi and chauffeur service. This car really is as reliable as Big Ben, as trusty as a US Treasury Bond and as solid as trade on a Saturday night when it’s chucking-out time in the High Street’s nightclubs.

Needless to say, the LS is a big and heavy cruiser and it won’t be suited by just any old tyre. The right tyre will offer durability as well as optimum support to ensure continued ride smoothness, quiet and comfort. It will invariably come from one of the best-known brands. Long-term fuel economy is one thing to bear in mind but short-term cost of purchase is another. The right tyre won’t, by any stretch of the imagination, be the cheapest on the rack and its purchase cost will make most drivers grimace. As they used to say before the football results summary on the TV news, or on the instructions of home pregnancy test kits, if you don’t wish to know the result, look away now…