Range Rover Evoque tyres

The Evoque is a car of its time, one that captures perfectly the zeitgeist of the mid 2010’s. The Back to the Future films used Studebakers and a DeLorean DMC-12 as key references for particular times in American history. The trick was repeated with the red Audi Quattro, the aspirational car of 1980’s Britain, used in BBC drama Ashes to Ashes. Some day in the future, the here and now will be reproduced in film, on television or on whatever version of the iPhone exists then. In it, background cars will be white with matt alloy wheels while the hero will have stubble, a slim-fitting suit, straight-toed shoes, a high-maintenance girlfriend – and an Evoque.

In a smaller package, the Evoque offers the style and comfort of a large Range Rover, with handling and performance which are spot-on. That it is a little impractical, thirsty and expensive or usually seen on the Fulham Road rather than off-road is all neither here nor there. It is first and foremost a style statement and a fashion accessory, bundled up in all the build quality you’d expect of a baby Range Rover. Tellingly, there is a waiting list for new models, something as rare as hen’s teeth for a British mass-production car. Pop music was once Liverpool’s most famous export but the Evoque now holds that honour.

No corners have been cut in the choice of original equipment tyres for the Evoque. The three ranges factory-fitted to each new model are all premium tyres from well-known manufacturers. It is therefore sensible to replace a worn or damaged tyre on a ‘like for like’ basis to ensure the mechanical integrity of the car. Since all three tyre types are ideally suited to the Evoque, there should usually be no need to ‘trade up’ by replacing all four with those of a different type.

For Evoque models fitted with the standard 19-inch wheels, Continental CrossContact tyres are usually supplied. These are designed for optimum safety and cornering response without any compromise on the vehicle’s ability. Labelled an ‘ultra-high performance tyre’, they suit a range of 4×4 vehicles, including the Evoque, perfectly and are designed to give car-like handling. For most Evoque drivers, this originally-fitted tyre will be the best tyre for their needs.

Michelin Latitude Sport tyres and Pirelli’s Scorpion range are fitted to most Evoque models with larger 20-inch wheel sizes. Both are premium SUV and 4×4 tyres designed for 100% on-road use. Grip is a key feature of the Michelin tyres, enabling them to complement the handling and cornering performance of this car, while they are also known for their rugged durability. The most popular fitting from Pirelli’s Scorpion range is the Verde AS. This is an all-season tyre, designed to offer year-round capabilities. As well as excellent dry and wet road handling, it offers durability and traction on light snow. Since it conveniently does away with the need for a cold weather tyre in winter months, it comes highly recommended for the Evoque. It is by no means the cheapest tyre option, but it represents a good investment for use in all weather conditions.

The Azenis range from Falken is also worth considering for the Evoque. It has proved very popular for these cars over the last couple of years and is designed for high performance SUV use. It has the advantage of a lower price point than tyres from the premium ranges above.