Kia tyres

The transformation of Kia cars in recent years is symptomatic of a seismic shift in the international motor industry. For years they toiled with a reputation for cheapness and disposability. Yet today respected industry tests consistently praise them: as an example, Kia came second only to Porsche in the most recent J D Power customer satisfaction survey.

What was once ‘low price’ is now ‘aggressively priced’; where they were once labelled ‘cheap’ they now represent ‘outstanding value’. Kia offers a model in most market sectors. The reviews they are receiving illustrate one of the most major turnarounds ever within the industry.

There is more than one reason for this change. Industry insiders point to the speed at which Kia makes changes to its cars in response to customer and press feedback. If something needs changing, alterations are put into action there and then – no waiting around for the next model year, as with many European manufacturers. The company’s lengthy extended warranty programme has helped overcome buyer resistance, too. A commitment to improved safety features has featured alongside a significant push towards raising the quality of Kia’s cars. At the same time, Kia has been very careful not to let any rival gain a pricing advantage within the marketplace. These improvements to Kia’s products and sales have come on an international basis, with an increased share of the American and Australian markets mirroring the progress Kia has achieved in the UK.

Old prejudices die hard, but the last laugh is now with Kia, not – as was traditionally the case – at its expense. The company’s range is enormous, including small cars such as the Picanto, Proceed, Rio, Soul, Cee’d and Venga. Larger models include the Carens and Optima, while the Sedona MPV, Sorento SUV and crossover Sportage are increasingly common sights on British roads.

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