Kia Rio tyres

The evolution of the Rio is a perfect mirror to the progress its maker has made in the last 15 years. The first Rio models, made between 2001 and 2005 were cheap. Cheap meant, frankly, plastic-y, noisy and awful. Finance packages were available with a deposit of just a Pound: in all honesty you got what you paid for. Turn the clock forward to today and newer versions of the car are still cheap. However, cheap no longer means bargain basement. The Rio is now comfortable, spacious and reliable. In one word, they are dependable, especially with Kia’s warranties which are long enough to make car makers wipe their eyes in disbelief.

Kia claims that the modern Rio range ‘showcases six stunning models’. That might be pushing it a bit since you’d never describe them as stylish. However, the modern Rio is a safe little car which wants for little equipment-wise. It’s great value, being inexpensive to buy, run and insure. It’s a sensible choice and those who drive one won’t mind that there’s nothing brilliant about its performance. There’s nothing inadequate about that performance, either, making this a far cry from the Kia of 15 years ago.

Those who need a cheap car will often need a cheap tyre, too. It’s therefore no surprise that etyres’ best-selling tyres for the Rio come from budget and economy bracket. Naturally etyres supplies and fits a huge range of these, all at competitive prices which include the convenience of mobile fitting. Choosing between the many options available should be made with an eye on each tyre’s wet grip rating as well as its price. The Rio has high safety ratings and a tyre with good wet grip will complement these. Naturally not all budget tyres will tick this box because they can often be a mixed bag, so choose carefully.

In contrast, the Rio’s fuel economy is a given due to car’s very design, and being a small car it isn’t really suitable for a large annual mileage. As such, the fuel economy rating of each replacement tyre option will be a much less important concern.

Various Continental tyres are a popular choice for Rio drivers, with Dunlop and Goodyear tyres also worth considering. etyres’ best-selling brand of tyre for this car is Kumho, though, as you might expect since these are factory-fitted to many Kia cars. In many of their designs, Kumho and Nexen tyres offer good ratings for wet grip and are also competitively-priced.