Kia Optima tyres

The Optima is one of the newer models in Kia’s range and still a relatively rare sight on Britain’s roads. It’s considered one of the most prestigious cars available in its native Korea, although that statement might damn it rather with faint praise! Launched at the end of 2011, it replaces the Magentis, a forgotten car which was dreary to look at and reportedly similarly dull to drive.

In contrast, the Optima is a car with distinctive looks. In common with all models in Kia’s range, it comes with an impressive amount of equipment fitted as standard and a seven-year warranty. Additionally, it is sold with fixed-price servicing plans. That it features only a diesel engine is a clear sign that the Optima is aimed at fleet managers. Kia’s weapon of choice for the Optima is an aggressive pricing policy. In the ‘small executive saloon’ market, one of the toughest commercial nuts to crack, this will help it to compete with the likes of the Ford Mondeo, Vauxhall Insignia and Mazda6. It won’t be giving BMW or Audi sleepless nights, though.

Almost all models in the Optima range are factory-fitted with either Nexen or Hankook tyres. Of these two, the Nexen tyres are the most common. These are considered a good all-round performer from the middle market, with good rather than excellent properties of both wet grip and fuel economy. For most Optima drivers, they’ll do the job in solid rather than spectacular fashion, qualities possibly shared by the car itself. The Hankook tyres favoured by Kia for this car come from the Optimo range. The key feature of these is their durability: this, combined with their competitive price, makes them excellent value in the long run. They also offer good fuel economy ratings, which will ensure their appeal to the fleet managers who will be responsible for many Optima models in the UK.

Since the Optima is quite a new addition to Kia’s range, etyres’ sales data does not cover a huge number of replacement tyres for this car. However, as with most newer models, we’d recommend replacing a damaged or worn tyre on a like-for-like basis, to match those already on the vehicle. Doing so ensures that the car’s integrity is not affected by an uncomplementary tyre choice and offers peace of mind. With the Optima, the tyres in question have the added benefit of also being some of the most-competitively priced, too.