Kia Cee’d tyres

The only major problem with the Kia Cee’d is the old chestnut of badge appeal. Some small car buyers wouldn’t buy one of these even if it cost half the price of a Golf of Focus and was twice as good. You can’t please all the people all of the time; but more fool them. The Cee’d is attributed with forcing the change in reputation which has been the key feature of Kia’s recent history. It might not have a Volkswagen or Ford badge on the bonnet but for many people this car is right at the top of its class.

The Cee’d is comfortable to drive, has lots of space and represents great value as a new or used car purchase. Its reliability is beyond question but the car comes with Kia’s seven-year warranty in the rare event that something bad does happen. New Cee’d models come jam-packed with standard equipment which would be expensive extras on rival cars. The car is usually sold as a five-door hatchback but estate (‘sportswagon’) and three-door (pro_cee’d) versions are available. The range is topped by the pro_ceed GT, a high-performance model which (maybe unkindly) has been labelled ‘the poor man’s Golf GTI’.

Diesel engine Cee’d models will return excellent mpg figures. These, combined with high levels of build quality and driver comfort, make this car a solid choice for high-mileage and motorway drivers. Fuel economy will be an important factor in tyre choice for cars used in this way. A replacement tyre with good fuel economy ratings will preserve this low fuel consumption on long journeys. However, as a rule of thumb, the majority of Cee’d drivers won’t fall into this bracket. Instead, they’ll be using the car for shorter trips and family motoring. As such, their focus should be on the wet grip levels of different tyre choices. The Cee’d is a safe car and a tyre with high grip ratings will mean better roadholding in both wet and dry conditions as well as shorter stopping distances.

Three ranges from Continental top etyres’ best-seller list for the Cee’d, with the PremiumContact tyre by some way the most popular of these. This tyre is an excellent all-rounder, combining excellent ratings for both fuel economy and wet grip with all the durability you’d expect. Dunlop BluResponse and Goodyear EfficientGrip tyres offer similar qualities and are other suitable options to consider. At a slightly lower price point, tyres from Kumho and Hankook also tick many boxes for Cee’d drivers, while Michelin tyres are another popular choice.