Jeep tyres

Jeep is one of the most successful brands ever created. The inherent promise of Jeep ownership is that the car will get you to places other cars can’t or won’t. The company has always placed its heritage to the fore: its cars always feature the seven-slot grille that’s a key feature of the original World War II Jeep.

Few other brands have an eponymous hero on which to base themselves. While other car makers have expanded into the 4×4 or SUV market, Jeep has refused to dilute its focus on what it does best.

Customer and marketing research has often chastised Jeep for the high running costs of its vehicles. Additionally, industry trials often compare Jeeps unfavourably to SUV vehicles with no off-road capability – chalk and cheese. Customer research often ignores the main reason why people buy a Jeep in the first place. Jeep has therefore ignored much of this customer research, something very few firms would be able to get away with. The result? Jeep owners love the brand even more.

It wasn’t until 1993 that Jeep arrived in Britain, originally with the Cherokee. Since it focuses on 4×4 vehicles, choices of replacement tyres are not as many as for other cars. Details of etyres’ best-selling and recommended tyres for popular Jeep models can be found from the menu on the left. Alternatively, you can find tyres to fit your Jeep by using the search tool above. etyres’ national sales team is also available seven days a week on 0800 028 9000. We would be delighted to offer impartial advice to help you find the right replacement tyres to suit your Jeep and your budget.