Jeep Grand Cherokee tyres

Jeep’s Grand Cherokee stands in a difficult position in a crowded market sector. It lacks the cachet or luxury of rivals such as the BMW X5, VW Touareg or Land Rover Discovery. While it weighs in at a significantly lower price than these, cost-conscious buyers also have cheaper options from the Far East to consider.

Furthermore, the Jeep’s main asset, its ‘hairs on chest’ and grown-up off-road capability, is for many buyers of no relevance at all. In real terms, most of the cars with which the Grand Cherokee competes never leave the road.

Thus the Grand Cherokee faces challenges which are commercial, not physical – despite what the marketing would have you believe! In its newest version it comes with just one engine format, a well-regarded 3-litre diesel. Just two model options are available, the Limited and Overland, with the only real difference coming in their suspension system. It’s a great improvement on the old Grand Cherokee, though. A commanding driving position means that it’s at its best driving around town. The car is good enough on motorways but its engine can be noisy, and it’s expensive to run, with high fuel and road tax costs.

The wrong tyre choice will give this car even worse fuel consumption figures, but even a tyre designed for optimum fuel economy won’t improve its mpg. Wet grip is therefore usually the most important issue in tyre choice for the Grand Cherokee. A tyre with a good wet grip rating will complement the Grand Cherokee, offering increased safety on what is a big and heavy car.

Goodyear Wrangler and Continental CrossContact are etyre’s best-selling tyre ranges for the Grand Cherokee. Both offer durability with good wet grip ratings and will also support occasional off-road use. Goodyear’s EfficientGrip tyre is another solid choice, available in special formats for 4×4 vehicles. Firestone tyres are factory-fitted to many models, so they are another popular option. For cars which are used for greater amounts of of-road driving, the right tyre choice is very important. General Tire and B F Goodrich ranges would be worth considering: both are available in a variety of designs to support different ratios of on-road and off-road driving.

Older versions of the Grand Cherokee are built to last, just as you’d expect from Jeep. So long as you can afford the running costs, these cars are quite a popular used car choice. etyres fits a huge range of budget and economy tyres including many to suit older Grand Cherokee models and their owners’ driving styles.