Jeep Compass tyres

Jeep may be a world-leader in 4×4 vehicles but the Compass represented its first ‘Crossover’ car. These feature the space, height and 4×4 performance of an SUV but based on the chassis – and with the lower running costs – of a normal car. For all intents and purposes, the Nissan Qashqai was the first such car. While it didn’t necessarily encroach on traditional Jeep territory, the American company nonetheless didn’t want to miss out on what would become a booming market sector.

Effectively the Compass became the ‘entry level’ Jeep, the smallest in the range. It can be as good off the road as larger Jeep models but without the prohibitive running costs. It is available in both two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive formats and with diesel and petrol engines. Old habits die hard, though: the one key feature of the Compass is its off-road ability, as indeed you’d expect from a Jeep. Its strength may however be its weakness. Many crossover vehicles are never used in an off-road environment. Additionally, many of the Compass’ rivals retain all the on-road refinement of their hatchback relatives, a resource which was obviously unavailable to Jeep.

The Compass is cheap to buy but market forces mean that it does not hold its value as well as its rivals. It can also be expensive to run in terms of fuel consumption. In terms of tyres, there are more options available to Compass drivers than to owners of other Jeep models. Most major manufacturers produce a tyre which will fit the Compass. Continental’s CrossContact and PremiumContact ranges are etyres’ best-selling tyres for this car, just ahead of those from Bridgestone and Goodyear. Nexen and Kumho tyres are other popular choices and come at a slightly lower price point than tyres from the premium brands.

A Compass which is regularly used in an off-road environment will benefit from the fitting of specialist tyres. etyres supplies a range of these, each designed for differing proportions of on-road and off-road driving. If the need for 4×4 abilities in poor weather was a key factor in your purchase of one of these cars, winter tyres might well be worth considering. etyres stocks these from all major manufacturers in sizes to fit all Jeeps. For advice on choosing the best tyre for your needs, etyres’ national sales team would be delighted to help and is available on 0800 028 9000.