Jaguar XK tyres

Popular opinion rates the Jaguar XK as one of the best-looking cars ever made. In both coupe and convertible formats it certainly turns heads, and as a driver’s car it has all the Jaguar DNA. It’s one of the very few cars which would look as good on the Cote d’Azur as it would on your driveway.

Certainly the XK caught the imagination of buyers when it was launched back in 1996. This came at a cost, though, and not only in terms of buying one in the first place. On a day-to-day basis, the car is George Best: peerless in terms of styling but notoriously and incessantly thirsty. Owning one also meant playing Russian roulette with your wallet, since a litany of problems with gearboxes, engines and roof mechanisms were an unwelcome feature of many earlier models. Many of these problems were ironed out by the time of the arrival of the second generation of the XK in 2007 yet production ceased seven years later.

Needless to say, the XK is a high-performance and driver-orientated car. It makes a very specific set of demands on its tyres and only the highest-performing tyres are capable of giving it the support it needs.

Pirelli P Zero tyres and Dunlop’s SP SportMaxx range were original equipment fittings in Jaguar’s factories and many XK owners have chosen to stick with them. Both of these are hardwearing sports tyres which give plenty of grip, a key feature for driving performance and also road safety. They are etyres’ best-selling tyres for the XK. Both are available in Jaguar-approved formats, easily identified by the ‘J’ marked on their sidewall. Neither tyre will be a market-leader for fuel economy, but obviously that’s a much lesser concern than grip for owners of such a high-performance car.

Another very popular option is Michelin’s Pilot Super Sport range. These tyres offer incredible levels of grip on dry roads due to a variable contact patch and provide excellent steering response and stability when cornering. Additionally, they feature a different rubber compound at the inner and outer edges of the tyre, meaning that they are built for extreme durability. These tyres consistently fare well in industry and consumer tests, while Vredestein tyres are also recommended by Jaguar owners.

Vredestein sponsors the Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club and is very active in working with owners of classic Jaguar cars. However, its range includes many premium tyres to support the needs of Jaguar’s modern performance cars, including the XK.