Jaguar XJ tyres

The XJ is the largest car in the Jaguar range. However, a lightweight construction means that while it’s a big car, it isn’t a particularly heavy one. Powerful engines and sharp handling mean that it drives like a much smaller car and particularly well. Additionally, a fair proportion of XJ owners will be able to attest to the comfort of the car’s ride since they spend their time being driven rather than driving.

All new Jaguar XJ models are fitted with ‘stop-start’ technology, although naturally these are thirsty cars and fuel economy is not their strong suit. Most XJ models are factory-fitted with either Dunlop or Continental tyres. It’s no surprise, therefore, that etyres’ best-selling tyres for this car are the Dunlop SportMaxx and Continental SportContact ranges. Both are available in Jaguar-specific fittings, as is the Pirelli PZero, another popular choice.

Naturally a premium car like the XJ demands a premium tyre, and etyres would never recommend blunting the car’s performance or safety abilities with the fitting of budget or economy tyres.