Jaguar XF tyres

Although ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ is in theory a perfect label for the Jaguar XF, in practice it’s one which falls miles short. It may have a split personality but both characters are good – very much so – and neither is evil. First and foremost, the XF is a performance sports car, and a great one at that, with superb handling and performance. That its alter ego is a car which drives on motorways in supreme comfort like a luxury limo is an unexpected bonus.

Many XF models were factory-fitted with Dunlop’s SP Sport tyres, suitable for the most demanding performance cars. Indeed a glance at the list of best-selling tyres with etyres for the XF leaves little room for doubt about this car’s DNA.

Dunlop’s Sport and SportMaxx ranges, Continental SportContact and Pirelli P Zero tyres top that list. All are premium sports tyres, designed to complement the high performance standards of a car like the XF. It’s worth noting that Dunlop SportMaxx tyres are available in Jaguar-approved formats and are particularly popular for this car. Another option is Goodyear’s Eagle F1 Asymmetric range which will suit it perfectly, too.

At a less premium price, Falken, Kumho and Nexen tyres sell consistently well for many Jaguar models and the XF in particular. This makes them worth consideration as a replacement for a worn or damaged tyre on your XF. As you might expect, though, few XF owners choose to fit budget or economy replacement tyres.