Jaguar X-Type tyres

A great-looking car, Jaguar’s X-Type was well-received by the motor industry and customers alike on its launch in 2001. It was originally only available in an all-wheel-drive format, although two-wheel-drive and diesel-engine models were introduced three years later. The car won praise for its silky-smooth driving and handling and its comfort on long motorway journeys.

Sadly, reliability issues and high repair costs proved the X-Type’s Achilles heel and production ceased in 2009. There are still plenty of them in daily use, though, with low prices now making the X-Type a popular used car choice.

Premature tyre wear was a common problem on early X-Types. This was a particularly common on all-wheel-drive models. Additionally, the car’s suspension has also proved problematical, which can exacerbate tyre wear issues. As such, a good ‘all-round’ tyre which offers maximum durability is probably a more suitable choice as a replacement tyre for the X-Type than a high-performance or sportier tyre. Dunlop BluResponse and Pirelli Cinturato tyres are the most popular premium brand choice for the X-Type with etyres, while Nexen and Firestone tyres are also worth considering at a more ‘mid-market’ price point. Goodyear’s EfficientGrip range is another popular choice, as are Falken tyres.

A wide range of budget and economy tyres is also available from etyres, including many options and sizes to fit the X-Type.