Jaguar tyres

Arthur Daly in Minder, Inspector Morse, Simon Templar in The Saint, John Steed in The New Avengers, Charlie Croker in The Italian Job, famous Jaguar fan Steve McQueen…

It’s impossible to think that at least one of these names doesn’t resonate even subconsciously through the mind of anyone contemplating buying a Jaguar. The brand may now be owned by Indian behemoth Tata, yet it remains quintessentially British. The modern Jaguar range features some of the best cars available anywhere in the world. Owning one, however, remains a decision influenced as much by the heart as by the head.

Safety and reliability are as much a part of the modern Jaguar as performance. Tyres feature as an integral part of the company’s research and development commitment. It works with many of the world’s major tyre manufacturers to produce Jaguar-specific versions of many leading tyres. These are designed to complement each car’s performance and safety, making them an excellent choice of replacement tyre for different Jaguar models.

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