Jaguar S-Type tyres

The unique retro styling which was the key feature of the S-Type proved a mixed blessing. On the one hand, its looks borrowed so strongly from 1960’s Jaguars that they would ensure the car’s appeal to those old enough to remember the original. On the other, they would help stereotype the car as one for the pipe and slippers brigade, the car of choice for the retired middle-class Home Counties accountant.

The S-Type was launched in 1999 and discontinued nine years later, replaced by the XF. Used versions now fall into the ‘Mondeo money’ bracket, with reliability by no means taken for granted on pre-2004 models. However, an S-Type which has been looked after properly will still offer excellent comfort on long journeys, as befits a motorway cruiser originally designed to compete with the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class. While its engines are notoriously thirsty, they also enable the car to pack quite a punch performance-wise, just as the original S-Type, invariably the TV bank robber’s choice of wheels, always did.

Critical to replacement tyre choice on the S-Type is your own driving style. For those who cover a small annual mileage, poor driving economy is part and parcel of S-Type ownership and a necessary evil, a cost they are willing to bear. However, for those who use one of these cars for regular long motorway journeys, fuel costs can be a pain and thus every saving helps. A tyre with a good fuel economy rating will be an absolute necessity for the latter. In contrast, those whose S-Type is not their main car for everyday use will often place greater value on choosing a tyre to complement this car’s performance than any on other factor.

Among the tyres originally fitted to the S-Type in Jaguar’s Birmingham factory, three stand out. Pirelli’s P6000 tyre was a very common range at the time, built for larger and heavier cars, but is rather outdated now. Driver reviews have also reflected that these tyres now don’t offer class-leading properties of grip on wet roads, and don’t mix well with the rear-wheel drive S-Type on snow. However, Pirelli’s P Zero range continues to be very popular and these remain etyres’ best-selling tyres for the S-Type. This tyre is designed for high-performance vehicles and many Jaguar drivers ask for it by name. It certainly offers high levels of grip, leading to increased performance and safety, with all the reassurance you’d expect from a tyre from a well-known maker. Similar comments apply to Continental’s SportContact range, which is second only to the P Zero tyres in terms of popularity for the S-Type with etyres customers.

Other options to consider include Avon’s ZZ3 tyres, which would make a good match for patriotic drivers given Avon’s manufacturing presence in Britain. They are also available at a very competitive price compared to ‘big brand’ tyres. Additionally, for S-Type drivers for whom optimum performance is critical, Michelin’s Pilot Super Sport tyres will tick many boxes.