Isuzu car tyres

etyres supply and fit a comprehensive range of tyres suitable for Isuzu vehicles at competitive all-inclusive prices.

To buy your new Isuzu tyres online simply enter the size of the tyres currently fitted to your vehicle into the search tool. Once you have chosen the best tyre for your driving needs, arrange a time that is convenient to you and our fitters will come to your home or work. For more information on choosing the best tyre for your needs please call the national sales team on 0800 028 9000 seven days-a-week.

Isuzu tyre information

Japanese vehicle manufacturer Isuzu is known for its trucks of all sizes. Isuzu has a long history with diesel engines, it manufactured Japan’s first air-cooled diesel engine in 1936 and developed the country’s first diesel engine for passenger cars in 1961.

The original equipment tyres fitted to your Isuzu at manufacture were carefully selected to meet high standards in the following areas of safety, fuel economy, handling, performance and ride comfort. Many owners choose to retain the original tyre choice when it comes to replacing, however if you are interested in alternative etyres has a range of suitable tyres and can recommend replacements based on your model and driving preferences.

When changing your Isuzu tyres it is important that they are re-fitted using the correct amount of pressure to tighten the wheel nuts. This pressure setting is called torque and the settings for the most popular models can be found in the chart here.

Changing Isuzu tyres

When changing your Isuzu tyres it is important to take into account your driving style and needs in terms of durability and speed ratings. You can use the handy tool on the left to compare the various tyre options and their ratings.

If you are looking to alter your vehicle by changing the wheel size you will need alter the tyre size to ensure you do not damage the drive train. Further information can be found on changing tyre sizes on each of the individual Isuzu model pages, by using this tyre size calculator

Isuzu tyre tests and reviews

Below we have included some examples of tyres suitable for popular Isuzu models, however we advise you to check the size of the tyres currently fitted to your vehicle before placing your order. You can find this information on the sidewall of your existing tyre and it resembles a series of numbers and letters.

Goodyear Duragrip

This original equipment Isuzu tyre offers drivers high levels of fuel efficiency and mileage combined with responsive handling and reduced risk of aquaplaning.

General Tire Grabber AT

The General Tire Grabber AT provides high levels of grip and excellent handling both on and off-road. This durable Isuzu tyre has been developed with a focus on safety and reduced braking distances.

BF Goodrich Macadam T/A

This BF Goodrich tyre has been designed as a high-performance 4X4 tyre suitable for both on and off-road. This tyre provides superior grip in all weather conditions and high levels of comfort.