Hyundai i30 tyres

The i30 was the car which really kicked off Hyundai’s advance in European markets. Of course it was affordable – Hyundai cars always had been – but what really made people sit up and take notice was quite how good it was. It marked a step change in how Hyundai cars would be regarded in the UK. The theme of progress continues with the recent launch of an updated version. It’s slightly larger, cementing its appeal as a family car. While the performance of the original was solid without being sizzling, that’s been improved further in the new format, too.

True, these improvements come alongside a small upward creep in the car’s new cost. However, Hyundai continues to offer excellent warranty terms on new cars and this one still comes at a substantially lower price than the traditional leaders in its market sector, the Golf and the Focus. Additionally, the older version of the i30 makes an increasingly popular used car choice now that it has proved its worth in terms of reliability, economy and practicality.

A wide variety of tyres are available to suit the i30. etyres’ best-sellers are Hankook’s range and the Nexen NBlue. The latter is a good ‘all-rounder’ of a tyre which has proved a solid option for many mid-sized family cars since its launch. Importantly, tyres from both Nexen and Hankook come at a lower price point than those from many other manufacturers. Popular premium tyre brand choices for this car include Goodyear’s EfficientGrip range, Dunlop’s BluResponse tyre and various options from Continental.

The i30 features really good fuel economy so the wet grip ratings of different tyres available will be a more important factor than economy when choosing between them. A good rating for wet grip also translates into increased roadholding and sharper acceleration and braking on dry roads, too. Thus the increased safety levels promised by a better wet grip rating should not be overlooked.

One point worth considering is that of noise. If the i30 has one criticism, is that road and tyre noise at higher speeds affect this car more than many others of a similar size. As such, the noise emission rating, which is clearly shown on each tyre’s label, is worth bearing in mind when choosing tyres for this car.