Hyundai i20 tyres

Hyundai currently offers three small hatchbacks in the UK. The smallest, the i10, is a supermini while the largest, the i30, is more Golf-sized. In between the two is the i20, competing in the same market as the likes of the Ford Fiesta and Volkswagen Polo.

Ten years ago, Hyundai was selling the i20’s predecessor, the Getz, a car notable for nothing much in particular except its many bad points and bizarre name. If you’d said then that the company would go on to produce a proper rival for the Fiesta or Polo, you’d have been laughed at. With the launch of the new version of the i20, maybe things aren’t so sure.

Hyundai’s history in the UK market can be broken down into four chapters. The first contains a slew of awful cars. The second covers the improvements across the range, something which was slow and steady and done very quietly, almost as if Hyundai didn’t want anyone to notice.

The third is very significant. As all industry stalled in the global crisis of 2008, the British motor retail industry looked particularly at risk. The Government therefore launched the scrappage scheme, under which any used car with an MOT could be traded for a £2,000 discount off a brand new one. New car sales rebounded by 30%, with people rushing to by smaller and cheaper new cars rather than more expensive models. Hyundai capitalised on this, with thousands of drivers buying one of its cars for the first time. Being launched at the same time as the scrappage scheme was the i20’s lucky break.

The last of these four chapters to date is the continued increase in the quality of Hyundai cars. Chapter two took Hyundai from languishing at the back of the pack to making cars which compete on equal terms with their rivals. Chapter four takes them to challenging the best of them, as shown by the new version of the i20. Relative to what it costs, it’s just a very good car for the money and comes with a five-year warranty.

The new version of the i20 has not been in showrooms long. Thus most of etyres’ sales data relates to the older, original version of the car. For this model, Kumho and Nexen ranges are our best-selling tyres. Nexen NBlue tyres have proved particularly popular, and various Goodyear and Continental tyres will also fit the bill.

The occasional i20 driver orders Goodyear and Continental tyres, which will suit this car perfectly. On the other hand, it also ought to be said that many drivers choose the i20 because it is inexpensive to buy and run and will thus choose budget or economy tyres. etyres supplies an enormous range of these, including many which will suit this car. Prime importance should be placed on the wet grip levels of different replacement tyre options. These will preserve the car’s high safety ratings and ensure safer driving in all weathers. In contrast, fuel economy ratings are less of a priority since the i20 is a very efficient car anyway.