Honda tyres

Soichiro Honda (below) started out by building piston rings for Toyota in a modest shed. From such humble beginnings, he is now considered one of the finest engineers in world history.

Even as his fledgling company was building engines and motorcycles, long before it began making cars, it earned the reputation for excellent build quality. That is still the most powerful feature of Honda today. The company has always been one which embraces pioneering technology. Above all, though, it is the manufacturer of vehicles known the world over for their almost indestructible reliability.

An important aspect of the Honda range is that almost all of its vehicles leave the factory without a spare wheel of either regular or space-saver size. Instead, they are supplied with tyre repair kits, which are designed to repair tyre damage on a temporary basis in an emergency. While the lack of a spare wheel increases the space inside a car and reduces both weight and fuel consumption, there are some drawbacks. The kit may not be able to repair severe damage at the roadside. A damaged tyre that has been repaired can only be used with distance and speed restrictions and will need to be replaced. Additionally, using the repair kit can be a messy job in what is usually a stressful situation.

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