Honda Jazz tyres

The Honda Jazz is superbly engineered, well-designed, practical, dependable and family-friendly. These are all wonderful qualities in a car and fundamental to a product’s commercial success. As, indeed, is true for, say, Ikea furniture. However, would it be sacrilegious to suggest that, just as with Ikea furniture, the Jazz is, just a little too dull and boring and an uninspired choice? And is it horribly pompous to suggest that whoever named this car is either an absolute genius or a complete crook? Does ‘Jazz’ evoke all the brio, punchiness, groove, energy and enjoyment that the car sadly lacks in an ultra-competitive marketplace full of nippy rivals?

Jamie Cullum or Jools Holland would probably not be seen dead in one, but five million Jazz owners worldwide can’t be wrong, can they? It is a great car for city and town use. Practicality, durability and comfort are its key features along with the rock-solid reliability you’d readily associate with Honda. In the city, its light controls, tight steering and great driver’s visibility come into their own. On the motorway, though, the Jazz’s engines run out of puff and wind and road noise levels are high. Additionally, the car’s drive and handling lack the finesse and stability of many rivals in the supermini sector.

The boxes which the Jazz does tick make it a peerless urban and family car. It’s fair to say that high annual mileages and demanding high-speed driving suit neither the Jazz nor its owners. Many models are driven primarily for shopping trips and school runs. As such, the most important thing when buying tyres for this car will usually be safety considerations: the wet grip levels of different replacement tyre options should be the primary concern. These can be clearly seen on each tyre’s label and on this website, and comparing these will help you choose tyres which suit both your car and your driving style.

etyres’ best-selling tyres for the Honda Jazz are Michelin and Continental ranges. Michelin’s EnergySaver range is a particularly popular choice with Jazz owners, offering a good combination of wet grip and fuel economy qualities. The PremiumContact range is the most common choice of Continental tyres for this car. Bridgestone and Dunlop tyres also represent a good match for the Jazz, with Nexen, Kumho and Maxxis tyres other popular choices.