Honda CR-V

Swindon’s claims to fame are tenuous and scarce, limited to just the Magic Roundabout, Billie Piper, Diana Dors and twin-town status with, of all places, Walt Disney World. However, it is also the UK home of Honda, whose factory has been supplying Britain with the CR-V in droves since 1997.

Wiltshire’s finest has always been one of the country’s most popular SUV cars. However, in 1997 its only real rival was the Toyota RAV4. These days, it is taking on rivals from all corners, including from BMW, Hyundai, Mazda, Audi, Land Rover and Nissan. Imitation may well be the sincerest form of flattery, but the CR-V now occupies an ultra-competitive market in the ‘soft-roader’ sector.

What it does do, though, it has always done well. It’s a fantastically practical car, with huge amounts of interior space underpinning its success. Additionally, it drives well and above all it’s a Honda, so build quality is beyond question.

The CR-V has never been a true off-roader, not that this has been any barrier to its commercial success. That it is rarely taken off the beaten track means that specialist off-road tyres don’t really figure on the radar for this car, unlike some of its 4×4 rivals. However, tyres designed for on-road SUV use are by far the most popular choice for the CR-V with etyres customers. Dunlop GrandTrek and Bridgestone Dueler tyres fall into this bracket, with both factory-fitted to various models in the CR-V range. Both feature high levels of wet grip, an important safety consideration for family motoring. Good wet grip translates into increased roadholding and braking ability in all road conditions. It also means a reduced risk of aquaplaning and shorter stopping distances on both wet and dry roads. These qualities and their Honda-preferred status make these two ranges excellent choices for CR-V drivers when a worn or damaged tyre needs replacing.

Continental CrossContact tyres will never be the cheapest tyre option but they are worth considering for the CR-V. A hard compound means that durability is their key feature. They also promise sharp handling response and are designed for this kind of vehicle. Michelin’s Latitude tyres, another range built to suit the demands of an SUV or 4×4, have also proved popular and are another sensible choice.